Shoal Creek Village Project

When we heard the words ‘new construction’ and ‘mid century modern’ we were intrigued. When we met the amazing people, relocating to KC from Chicago, that were wanting to make this dream happen, our intrigue became obsession. We had to get our hands on this!

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Let’s do this 2018 thing!

We know we know! It’s been awhile. We have zero excuses except for well…life. Katy had her second baby and Kat has been cooking her first baby and babies all around just got in our way from getting down and dirty on writing a blog post. But totally worth it, and now we have so many things to say. Or we think we do!

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A New Place for Design Inspiration and a Few Laughs

Welcome Home to the Nest Blog

Hi there! We decided to finally join the millennium and start a blog. Our hope is that this becomes a place you turn to for inspiration, guidance, and maybe even a few laughs as we navigate our way through this beautiful, crazy life together. We’re excited to give you all a glimpse into how we work, the stories behind some of our projects, and why we do what we do. And what better way to get you all feeling comfy and cozy than to start this party with some introductions? (don’t worry-there’s no name tags or awkward ice-breakers)

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